Process for Submitting a Course for Gordon Rule Designation

Gordon Rule Writing courses are writing-intensive courses in which students learn about conventions of writing in different disciplines, practice their writing strategies, and use writing to enhance their learning. There are many ways that faculty can design a Gordon Rule (GR) Writing class, and FIU recognizes the diverse ways that writing can be incorporated effectively into classes. To assist faculty in designing effective GR Writing courses, FIU provides support through the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. The steps for proposing a course for GR status is outlined below. Please note that GR courses should first be approved as core curriculum courses.

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation with a WAC Director or Consultant

Faculty who are revising a course for Gordon Rule designation should first consult with a representative of the WAC program to better understand the review process and the goals of Gordon Rule writing courses. Please visit

Step 2: Revise/Develop Course

WAC consultants are available to work with faculty on an ongoing basis as they develop the course proposal and supporting materials. Consultants will provide feedback and assist faculty members in preparing the proposal, revising the syllabus, and developing the assignment sheets and rubrics. Faculty members are also encouraged to attend at least one WAC workshop or CAT’s writing related workshop, which are offered regularly each semester. More information about consultations, workshops, and other resources is available on our website,

Step 3:  Submit the Course for Approval

When the course is ready for submission, follow these steps:

1.  Download the GRW form from the faculty senate website:

2.     Request the appropriate signatures and send the original copy of the form along with the following documents to your college/school’s curriculum committee:

a.         One hard copy of your annotated Gordon Rule course syllabus

b.         One hard copy of each Gordon Rule writing assignment with grading criteria

c.         One hard copy of your completed Gordon Rule writing assignments checklist

After your college/school curriculum committee approves the course, it will be forwarded to the following for approval:

1. Gordon Rule Review Committee*

2. Faculty Senate

3. Provost

* The GR Review Committee may vote to recommend approval of a course, or may request that a WAC Director or Consultant correspond with an applying instructor regarding course modifications. Courses may be tabled if the subcommittee’s questions/concerns are not answered in time for the next board meeting, or they may not be approved.