“Hands up!” Strategies for Increasing Participation | MMC GL 482 

Wed., November 7 11:30am-1:00pm

According to the Gateway Course Surveys, in just one year, the Writing and Rhetoric program experienced a 20-30% increase in students’ perceived comfort participating, asking questions, and making mistakes in class. During this roundtable discussion, our colleagues in the Writing program discuss some specific strategies they use to enhance student participation. Not surprisingly, many of these strategies involve writing. Join this discussion and create ways to enhance participation in your particular context. 

Facilitated by Colleagues in English Department Nick Vagnoni and William Lisenbee

Workshops in past semesters: 

  • Harnessing the Power of Peer Review
  • Not Your Professor’s Term Paper: Creating Engaging Writing Assignments
  • Faculty Panel: Teaching with Writing in STEM courses
  • Understanding and Addressing Plagiarism in Student Work
  • Responding to Student Writing
  • Approaches to Sequencing Writing Activities in a Capstone Course
  • Using Writing to Teach Course Content and Critical Thinking
  • Teaching Gordon Rule Writing Courses