Current and Upcoming Events

WAC Spring 2023 Symposium

The FIU Writing Across the Curriculum Program, partnering with the Humanities Edge (FIU and MDC) invites you to attend the Spring 2023 WAC Symposium. This year’s symposium will feature MDC and FIU humanities faculty showcasing innovative pedagogical approaches that prepare students not only for success in their disciplines but also in communicating their knowledge effectively in 21st century new media contexts. (Enhancing writing instruction through use of AI technology will be one of the strategies represented.)

Date and Time: 9:30-12:30pm, Wed. Feb. 22nd Via Zoom 

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WAC Spring Workshop

Strategies for Teaching with Writing in the Age of AI

March 7th, 3:30-5:00 and March 10th 12:00-1:30 (Zoom)


In this virtual workshop, we will discuss strategies faculty across disciplines can use to teach with writing alongside the rise of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT. Specifically, the workshop will cover topics such as distinguishing between teaching with writing and assigning writing, (re)designing writing assignments to encourage original and course-specific work, and the establishing clear expectations regarding academic integrity and the responsible use of AI technologies. The workshop will also share examples of some instructors’ responses to using or avoiding ChatGPT and other AI tools in their teaching with writing.

WAC Virtual Office Hours 

Our Spring virtual office hour is as follows:

Stop by and meet with our WAC team members to discuss writing assignments, get tips about giving feedback, creating collaborative writing assignments, and using writing as an active learning tool.

Previous Events

IWTA Pedagogy Symposium (Fall 2022)

On November 15, the FIU Writing Across the Curriculum Program hosted the Interdisciplinary Writing Teaching Assistant (IWTA) Pedagogy Symposium. The afternoon was split into three panels of presentations in which the 2022-2023 cohort of IWTAs explored connections between the writing classroom and various disciplines across campus. It was exciting to hear the IWTAs discuss topics such guiding frameworks for teaching writing, the importance of active learning, and the relationship between language, identity, and social action. To see a full list of presentation titles, see the Symposium program. Thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you at future WAC events.

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WAC Spring 2022 Summit  

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program in partnership with the Humanities Edge hosted the Spring 2022 WAC Summit via Zoom on Friday, March 18 from 9:30-12 noon. The theme for the Summit was “Teaching with Writing in the Humanities in Urban, Multilingual Contexts.” At the Summit, Eight FIU Humanities faculty shared best practices for incorporating culturally and linguistically responsive writing pedagogy and critical thinking within and beyond their classrooms. Thank you to our presenters and all who attended. We enjoyed the presentations and lively Q&A sessions. Please find the agenda here.

Previous WAC workshops

We are happy to adapt any of the above workshops for individual program and/or department needs or work with programs/departments to create new workshops. Please submit a service request to discuss these options!