WAC Meet and Greet Luncheon Event | MMC GL 482 

Tues. Nov. 19 12-2pm

Stop by when you can to enjoy lunch, socialize with colleagues and meet with our WAC team members. Resources to integrate writing into your course will be provided.

Sponsored by WAC and the Humanities Edge

Tools for Making Feedback on Student Writing More Effective | MMC GL 482 

Wed., Oct. 30 3:00pm-4:00pm | Thur. Oct. 31 10am-11:00am 

Feedback is fundamental to any learning process in any discipline. However, obtaining feedback can oftentimes be an experience fraught with anxiety. This can be particularly true with writing, as some students may have experienced harsh, unconstructive feedback in the past, and some many have internalized self-concepts like “I cannot write” or “I am just not a good writer.” Therefore, how teachers provide feedback on student writing is at least as important as the content of the feedback they provide. In this workshop, we will discuss and apply strategies for providing targeted, constructive feedback on student writing, but we will also discuss strategies for ensuing that students are well-equipped to process this feedback in helpful ways. 

Facilitated by WAC and CAT admins 

Understanding and Addressing Plagiarism in Student Work  | ZEB 312

Thur. August 29 2:00-4:30pm

This workshop is tailored to the needs of Psychology faculty teaching a sequence of research courses.  Prevention and intervention strategies to handle plagiarism issues will be discussed.

Facilitated by WAC admins

Workshops in past semesters: 

  • Harnessing the Power of Peer Review
  • Not Your Professor’s Term Paper: Creating Engaging Writing Assignments
  • Faculty Panel: Teaching with Writing in STEM courses
  • Understanding and Addressing Plagiarism in Student Work
  • Responding to Student Writing
  • Approaches to Sequencing Writing Activities in a Capstone Course
  • Using Writing to Teach Course Content and Critical Thinking
  • Teaching Gordon Rule Writing Courses
  • “Hands up!” Strategies for Increasing Participation