This page highlights the work that faculty and WAC consultants have accomplished together. In the quotes below, disciplinary faculty describe their experiences working with WAC consultants redesign their courses to focus on teaching with writing and/or to help their students write more effectively.


The WAC process and support worked well for me. [The WAC consultant] was forthcoming in both materials and her expertise, helping me to evaluate my assignments and improve them accordingly. I think it is an excellent service for our faculty and will help those of us who think about pedagogy and enable us to promote development of skills within the context of our disciplines.
– Dr. Marcy Lowenstein

Criminal Justice

I (and my future students) have and will benefit greatly from the WAC project and the writing assignment I developed.
– Dr. Tim Goddard

Communication Arts

The faculty quoted below worked on a team effort to add more writing to a sequence of courses in Communication Arts.

[The WAC consultant] and I discussed multiple ways that a class can be improved via writing day to day. One of the biggest takeaways that I will be working to incorporate is time for in-or-out-of-class peer review of papers before they turn them in. [. . . ] [The consultant] also mentioned in-class free writing activities that allow students to compose their thoughts for discussion questions and points. I like the idea of this, because it can really serve to start conversations in productive ways that aren’t just students saying whatever comes to mind first. That has its place, but thoughtful discussion points produced via free writing can also be incredibly useful for the class as a whole. [ . . .] Through workshops, group meetings, and individual consultation, working on this WAC grant has helped me refine how I utilize writing in the classroom. Going forward, I look forward to more reflective students and deeper class discussions because of what I’ve gained from this work.
– Dr. Nick Temple

I would also like to comment that the WAC consultants have been WONDERFUL! [They have] provided me with insightful and helpful feedback thought the semester. This is a great program and very worthwhile.
-Dr. Colleen C. Malachowski

Mathematics Education

I truly loved this experience. I learned so much from [the WAC consulant]. My beliefs about teaching have been transformed through this process and I am excited to implement my new approach to instruction next year.
– Dr. Barbara King